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March 25, 2008

I am surprised!
To be frank, flabbergasted!
Britney is trying hard. To save her career.
Ben is trying hard too. To save his home and apparently to save economy too.
And so is the rest of the Wall Street.
I am not even counting anymore, the USD billions rolling in the market. A 100 billion here, a 100 billion there, 300 billion to act as the guardian angel for Merrill Lynch to buy out Bears and Stearns, a 25 billion for a financial institution here. I am not counting. No, but heck if I do, then somebody is telling me, it amounts to around 1 trillion USD floating around in the market. Seemingly like a fluid, like water to be more precise. As if it has got practically no value.
But Helicopter Ben will keep it coming, I assure you for he has got to save his home.

To think of that this was just to bail out the aftermaths of “borrow today pay never” attitude which Wall Street CEOs loved till the very last year[check out the pic]

They will be fine I assure you, they wont lose their jackets and million dollar reimbursements. But poor taxpayers… I wonder what they are up to now.

And now that, back home, boys are loving every bit of the roller coaster ride of volatility, I wonder how giddy they are feeling. A casual look in the trading communities shows only one thing: uncertainty. It could have been an apt ending of this post had those who sinned (read as lent and never expected it back) got punished and those who were pure at heart, deeds and actions stayed unscathed. But alas! we are an open economy. Part of the global economy. So when they get hit, we say ouch, and when they sneeze, we excuse ourselves!

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