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3 thoughts on India’s crop production

April 23, 2008

The Hindu tells me, that Indians must be a very lucky lot. Gods must be really pleased of its shameless regionalism, corruption and cheap politics.
No wonder, why the world is such a bad place to live in. Our gods themselves love all these dramas…

Today I read this piece of news in Hindu. It says that on the back of a well distributed rainfall and improved weather conditions, this year we have got a bumper harvest. Around to the tunes of 277,32 million tonnes!!! [I am yet to ask Gore about the weather thingie. Chennai is surely reeling under heat]

Among the gainers, major crops like wheat,rice and pulses hit an all time high production. The report also took in account the winter crops like mustard.
In trader speak, rice production hit “upper circuit” at 95.68m tonnes and wheat at 76.78m tonnes.

So, there are three direct fallouts of this.
My blog post falls flat, as perhaps I don’t see any glitch in the system temporarily. Mind you it might still come true, if government is in a denial mode over other possible things. Like poor logistics!

Secondly, has it anything to do with my personal hero and Superman, Dr. PC giving waivers to farmers? Wondering though! Since the report is all on “assessing and predicting”.

Thirdly, can India get some pocket change by exporting wheat to US and Europe given that international wheat prices are soaring? 😉

And for those who love freebies, a fourth one. I can see a temporary relief in price levels. Temporary though, mind you!

We have to see, how things pan out. But for now it seems Gods love us.

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