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An Analog Asia

May 3, 2008

EE Times has something interesting to say about analog semiconductor market in Asia in its fortnightly newsletter of 17th March 2008.

China’s formidable power consumption is showing no sign of slowing down. India’s market is emerging. And Asia is expected to continue to outgrow every other region in the world.

In particular, Asia’s analog segment—whether in the automotive, industrial or consumer—is expected to grow quickly. Industry analysts predict a double-digit year-on-year growth in the next three years, while the entire semiconductor industry expects only 5-6 percent growth and the largest consumer segments (cellphones and digicams) are expected to slow within the next three years.

Apart from this, other analysts and market observers are also betting high on the automobile production boom to be catching up in Asia-Pacific region. If automobiles are to grow with what happens to be even a fraction of what the industry is expecting, then it means a huge upside for the analog power and electronics industry. Already analog industry is reeling under nose diving profits, too high competition and an inclination of customers towards custom or at least semi-custom chip. With the cogwheels of analog industry turning to be data acquisition and power electronics verticals, revolutionary changes in their performance will be naive to expect.

What remains to be seen though is, if the burgeoning consumer electronics (sans mobiles, digicams) provide an impetus to he reeling analog industry or not. If yes, then Taiwan and China will be hot bets to place.


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