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Taking the plunge!

May 11, 2008

This weekend, I went to B.R. Hills near Mysore with my colleagues. Trust me, it was fascinating. On our way back ,we spent around half a day in Mysore in the GRS Theme Park. It was like any other theme park , you might see and there is not much to look for other than some plain vanilla fun. [Well I had, some real good fun hitting on the pretty Bunt girls of Karnataka 😉 ]

But the object of the post is not, to talk about my escapades, but something really enlightening to talk about. [At least it enlightened me]

There is this particular ride, called Pendulum Ride. I dont have a photograph of it, but its something like this. You have an asymmetrical U shaped profile, with one side of the U having a near 90 degree turn and the other having a less steeper say around 60 degrees. The entire ‘U’ [for the lack of a better word] is moistened with a constant stream of water. Now you climb to the top of the precipice and with a tube you are given a gentle push. At the very top, it stays flat for around 30 centimeters, enough space for one to comfortably sit on the air tube. And once you are seated, you are pushed over the precipice. And trust me! its one hell of a ride.

Falling for over 30 metres with a near-90 degree slope is not a childs play. The first time, before I took the plunge,I was a bit unsure, apprehensive and afraid. I didnt think much about it, and just went ahead to be ‘pushed’ by the helper. And trust me, it was the ride of a life time. It was heart-stopping and I almost forgot to scream 🙂 .
I went on to do the same thing 5 more times. And by my second ride, I loved it so much that I screamed with exhilaration. The fourth time, I was feeling like an action hero [a la James Bond], out to save the world. At the end of it all, my friends had to literally drag me away from it. If given a chance, I will be on it for the rest of the day.

I think, this was something very similar to jump starting a business. Look, I didn’t break a bone after six repeated rides of perhaps near vertical fall. If you are a first timer, then you spend a lot of time thinking and rethinking. Often when one thinks, as I thought before I took the plunge, it did nothing else other that playing up my fears and anxieties. And so in these cases, the waiting is more often scarier and excruciating. But once you take the plunge, yes it stops your heart, you are so shit scared that, you forget to scream, but at the end of it, you would like to talk about it. Entrepreneurship is something like that. If the waiting and being in the wings is doing anything other than helping you to plot better or strategize better, then stop doing it.Because most likely, it is going to play up your fears. But yes, do take the jump by all means. As like I am gonna jump!

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  1. anonymous permalink
    May 19, 2008 1:46 pm

    Well, I agree that a lot of adrenaline is involved in both the subjects, i.e theme park rides and jump starting.

    But the similarities end then and there. The Pendulum ride of entrepreneurship with all its potholes and speed brakers is hardly designed with the intent of helping you get out unhurt.

    Perhaps you should have pointed this out in your blog too, for the benefit other poor souls who are contemplating about taking their own plunges.

  2. Soham Das permalink*
    May 19, 2008 5:32 pm

    Yes, anon yes… entrepreneurship has its own potholes and speed breakers,but it has its own scenic roads to paradise and beautiful flowers on the way.You will be hurt, no doubt yet, is it a strong enough reason not to set out on your own direction?

    Well, if you really ask me, we have got one life,and its too short to dwell on fears. Its okay to be brushed and bruised by nature, you know?

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