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Power Failure

May 22, 2008

Workers stand near the ruins of a fertilizer factory at Hongbai in Shifang county of China’s Sichuan province. (Greg Baker / AP)

Livemint says :

India’s ambitious plans to quickly ramp up its critical power capacity took an unexpected hit as a key Chinese supplier of equipment was dealt a blow by the recent devastating earthquake in the Sichuan province that claimed more than 41,000 lives.
The tremors that have destroyed some of Dongfang Electric Corp.’s manufacturing facilities may delay equipment orders worth Rs32,000 crore, or enough to produce 8,000MW of power.
“Dongfang’s manufacturing facilities have been affected by this tragedy and because of this a lot of orders placed by the Indian power project developers will be affected,” said a senior government official who did not wish to be identified because he isn’t authorized to speak to the media.

BHEL in itself is swelling under the book order, not much, around in the tunes of 90k crore rupees.;) And apparently it seems BHEL is operating in the maximum operating load.

So, is another major part of 3trillion rupees worth of electrical equipments coming BHEL’s way?


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