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Weekend at StartupCity, Bangalore

May 26, 2008

I was in Bangalore this weekend, and came face-to-face with some very compelling ideas on the prospects of India as a hot startup destination, technologies-emerging and revolutionary, idea generation-wacky and stunning and of course technology, startups can leverage.
There was some real good food for thought being served actually this weekend, and I felt good to have made a decision to come down from Chennai to attend this.

There were some fantastic wisecracks thrown from time to time. Most notably from the panel moderator, Mr. YLR Moorthi, a Marketing Professor himself, on the importance of marketing. Himself being from IIM B’lore, and moderating and talking about ‘Innovative Marketing Applications in Technology’, he did a real good job in keeping the audience engaged, extracting real good wisdom from he panelists and of course talking sense with his signature humor every time, the mike was in his hand.
One thing which came at the fore, was that businesses, startups essentially has to be game changers. The very rule of the game, has to be modified and changed to bring, what Andy Grover says, ’10X’ change. Indeed, successful startups indeed changed the dynamics. Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Google, Youtube the list is endless. For doing all this you actually need, the so called wacky idea generation. Almost everytime I have heard this, people actually talk mumbo jumbos, but this is only the second time where I have heard absolute sense being talked about product development and marketing. The first was Seth Godin, second being Mr. Y L R Moorthi. The idea being marketing should shape the product and not the other way round. Indeed it makes the work tougher but then again it has higher chances of succeeding. Consider Apple’s coolness without Steve’s charisma. Or think, Windows without Gate’s advertisements.

One important question which came up in middle is, big companies with deeper pockets can perhaps afford do marketing, the traditional way, but startups are just not the financially well endowed to indulge in such an adventure. Prof. Moorthi was quick to reply as that, traditional marketing is not the only way to go ahead for a startup. Indeed food for thought.

There were some great talks in between especially R K Mishra’s talk on his journey so far, entrepreneurial and personal as well. He had some amazing things to talk about and spoke with clarity and belief. Thats good. He in turn spoke something which I would disagree with. He believes farming as a non profitable and non-fulfilling venture, should be discouraged and farmers slowly weaned away from farming to non-agro based sectors. I have certain issues over here. If farming is not attractive today, it is just because of that middle man and sheer ostrich-minded policies of government.And with the present food crisis, it can be an immense opportunity for Indian farmers to ask for what is rightfully theirs. Though Mr. Mishra too believes that this crisis is actually an opportunity for our farmers, but it needs to be seen what steps he is taking in these accounts.

If you really ask me, I was a bit disappointed as the event went on in a traditional conference type format. I was looking for a more barcamp style movement.
Some pictures here, thanks to Swaroop for the pictures.

Mr. YLR Moorthi explaining intricacies of marketing

The humming booming response at StartUp City

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  1. May 30, 2009 3:04 pm

    I chanced upon your blog and found it very informative. The event blogs are striking enough to have a feel of the event, so, I would like to have a little chit-chat on your blogging interests. And even we are coming up with an event on startups on June 6th. So, can I have your contact details? Looking forward to hearing from you.

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