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The Unwanted Growth

May 30, 2008

Photo Credits :AP A heavy operation is being mounted to curb the Gujjar movement

I see myself as a rational being. One with a minimum sense of evaluating long term payoffs and sacrifices to meet those payoffs. For the imperfect me, many decisions are based on the payoff ratio or more practically speaking return risk ration.
I used to hate studying Social Science when I was young. I didn’t exactly like History as it was taught to us, but still I convinced myself to learn that, otherwise the girl in my class ,whom I was having a secret crush on would pass on to the next grade. And to be frank that could be the end of my short lived platonic romance. So, the pain of studying history was perceived as lesser painful than not being able to see her everyday 🙂 [thats another story what happened the very next year]

But off late, I am questioning my rationality. Hard and long. For the recent wake of actions have brought myself to question my beliefs.

Take for example, the case of Gujjars. They are not SCs, Scheduled Castes or STs, Scheduled Tribes. Traditionally they were nomads. Feeding themselves of goat milk and camel milk and trading in animal produce. Hence, for 55 years they thought all well and good and understood it doesn’t help one to keep on drinking goat’s milk. Cow’s milk is equally tasty and there are better vocations than selling camels in Pushkar fairs. So they settled down in cities, gradually moving up the value and growth chain. But wait, no sweet endings for you my, dear. Now Gujjars are fighting which goes exactly against the grain of an economist or any rational guy.

You remember the oxymorons like Fighting for Peace or say, Screwing for Virginity ? Its like that now. Gujjars want themselves to be pulled one notch lower in the development chain so that they can develop. Well confusing isn’t it?

And its an irony, that they are fighting and losing lives to actually degrade from self-respecting open position to a state-dependent economic position. My take for SC, ST quota does not stretch to historical reasons. For me, only one thing is foremost is that, in the quagmire of risk-return ratios and payoff rations, self esteem should not be lost. After all, growth promises man, one thing isn’t it? That being the right to hold one’s head high. But isn’t it ironic, that to hold one’s head high, one is ready to degrade and stand on a ‘perceptionally’ lower socio-economic level.
Economics plays a huge factor in decisions we make. I even heard one wise person say, 90% of our nation’s problem are because our politicians don’t understand economics, the rest 10% are the side-effects.

Reservation or no reservation, I don’t think social structure should at all, play any role in securing a chance for a better growth. Economics should be driving the system and not socialism or social structure.

But now, what seems is Gujjars see, their best bet in getting that thappa of an ST and roam around on the street, with their heads and collars held high.

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  1. sp singh mavi permalink
    July 20, 2008 9:43 pm

    veer gujjars ar the real lions in india and asia

  2. Soham Das permalink*
    July 21, 2008 12:48 am

    Haha… very well… Mr. Singh.. very well… [:)]

    Waise kahan ka hai tu?

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