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Karat,Carrot and the Marxist Parrot

July 9, 2008

This post is a thought off from the absolutely sensible and fantastic article here. Karat to Carrot!.

Although, I am cringing at the euphmism Saubhik has used, [that of running a national coalition based on carront dangling] but I can’t help but nod, sigh and accept and say “Yeah, Saubhik, Yeah, I hate to admit that, but you are too/three damn right!”

Its basically hilarous [did my mom say, that when I get disappointed and frustrated, I tend to break out into laughter?], that CPI-M was betrayed not by Congress’s lie but by the inexperience of being in the center. Any time. Any time in the history of modern India but this.

You know back in 1980’s, VP Singh government came to Jyoti Basu to lead the nation. He humphed, mouthed some dialogues about Bengali Rasogollas and Marxism [I could never figure out, how they go together] and said ‘Screw You VP Singh, I am not gonna be the PM’, and VP Singh said, ‘Very well, you geriatric fool!’
Okay, the dialogue exchange was not exactly like this, but you get the point. CPI[M] had been too principled to forget the very reason for having those principles, that to stay at the center. Something like Screwing for Virginity, or Fighting for Peace.

Now, this time CPM was lucky, for another geriatric old man of the party, Surjeet Singh Barnala. Mighty shrewd chap! But Karat didn’t understand the politics of staying at the center. It will lose Kerala this time [perhaps], get beaten black and blue in West Bengal [I pray!], and perhaps made a fool out of itself in Delhi.

I am eagerly waiting for SP to extend its hand of support [remember, aam aadmi ka haath] to faltering UPA and get the N-Deal rolling.

In the hindsight, CPM could have done some give and take. But it thought, “Now that I am in center- let me have the cake and eat it too”. Sorry Mr. Karat, thats bitter cake, and you may very well have it. Just this that give me the icing and have the cake. I hear SP and Congress murmuring about themselves.
The icing on the cake was the N-Deal.
Congress is going to get a tremendous mileage because of this. SP, I don’t know, but perhaps it will help to get its car rolling out of the shade[ if Mayawati is still busy suing Amitabh Bachchan and closing Reliance Fresh], but what I can say is, perhaps CPM lost the one chance to stand up in front of the masses and say something proud.
And yeah, just because this is a business blog, on footnote let me add,that the market showed a smart recovery perhaps in reciprocation for CPMs exit.
Markets are almost saying “Go Karat Go! But take the color of Marx out of our stock markets too”

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