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Liquid Coal, now!

July 26, 2008

In consonance with the earlier post, “Bloody Oil” ,dated 29th June where, it was predicted that oil companies will gradually move away from crude oil mining and production to an esoteric process of converting coal to petroleum [which was in its early days really costly, but following the huge spike in oil prices, it has become dirt cheap] seems to be finally happening. [And I feel good for able to play the clairvoyant] .

On Thursday, Reliance Petroleum, Reliance Power,Reliance Industries,Tata-Sasol,Essar Oil,Jindal Steel and Power were among the 21 companies who submitted a proposal for setting up liquid coal blocks in Palasbani coal block located in Talchher Valley. Reliance Industries are reportedly in talks with Coal India Ltd for setting up an 80,000 barrel per day CTL project. JVs are likely for appropriate technology transfer.

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  1. obewan permalink
    July 28, 2008 7:04 pm

    Liquid coal made with carbon sequestration can be as clean or cleaner than conventional oil fuels. Carbon sequestration has already been proven at Kinder Morgan in TX where over 1 billion cu ft of co2 is captured daily and pumped underground for permanent storage. We only have 50 years max left on the oil supply according to the DOE experts – less according to the worlds leading geophysicists. There will be 9 billion mouths to feed, and mass economic chaos will ensue long before that when the shortages hit. We need to exercise every available option to prolong the world’s survival. Ethanol can only supply 10%. Electric for everything is not feasible. Biodiesel is similar to ethanol. Both will add to food shortages. There is a 200 year coal supply that can take up the slack while sources like hydro phonic algae are developed. Liquid coal can be made with recycled water, and the land can be redeveloped into farms, forests, and lakes with minimal environmental damage – I have seen the photos of redeveloped coalmines.

    Why the Price of Peak Oil is Famine

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