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One Year of SubPrime Crisis… and counting

August 17, 2008

An excellent audio presentation with stills of over 1 year of subprime crisis has been released by New York Times.

Give this a look to know more about the history and geography of the crisis which shook half of the world, and threatening nations with the worst economic nightmare of the 20th Century[The Great Depression]

Click here to view

And if you still would like to read something more about the Sub Prime crisis, read the profile of Nouriel Roubini in NYT. An Iranian Jew brought up in Italy and migrated to US, he predicted ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ crunch right back in 2006 at a talk delivered in IMF.

Without using any mathematical models in his works and by studying the various transnational recessions in the past two decades around the world, he came to a conclusion about the next target. Surprisingly it was US. That was when everything was hunky dory!

Read about him here

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