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September 7, 2008

This shoebite hurts…I am wearing the floaters around, umm.. its quite comfortable. Well, almost. Okay, I was lying. But this shoebite hurts!

No, It was not gifted by my girlfriend. Wonder though, wont it be weird to be gifted floaters. A euphemistic, 21st century way to tell “F*** off, loafer!” 🙂

Anyways, inane humor aside, I am most ready to throw it aside[the skin is raw,bruised and slightly bleeding], but kya kare yaar, floaters are like your old habits, they make it sure you always have company.

I go around, and in ways more than one, find us, still grappling with age old tattered floaters. Nah!, I am not talking about India Four [read Kishore Biyani’s definition, the most downtrodden strata].

Those floaters are most visible in government offices, petty populistic economic policies, remnants of socialism, in our monetary policy, in our reluctance to “take our rightful position in the comity of nations“[a quick quiz: from where did I quote this?]

Those floaters hang around, literally keep on floating. Us, unwilling to throw them out of the window and go out and get ourselves a new piece of sandal. And of course, make ourselves a bit more comfortable.

Take a look around. Left is still clinging to its age old dogma. I am not particularly generous to the Leftists, but I am ready to cut some slack this time. Long, long time back, when Kissingers and Indiras were at helm, maybe being anti-imperial made some populistic sense. But in these days, holding onto them and barking the wrong tree makes no sense.

Something like, what Eagles crooned, “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave” . Left may do all the running, all the hiding but it cant escape. It has to change itself, else risk turning away newer generation towards pro-imperialisticforces [if only there was a smiley for snigger!]

Why only blame the Left? What about the Right,Center, Hind and Fore? All caught up in their own floaters. Tattered, stinking and waiting to be thrown out. Once in a while, somebody comes inside the room called Indian Diaspora wearing a new sandal, shiny and more happier looking and then suddenly everybody rushes to buy himself a new one. But wait, nobody still wears it. Why? I dont know. Maybe they love their old policies and socialistic red tapism too much.

At a time, when Col. Gaddafi, the dictator of Libya has done a U turn of the very policies which has brought him into power, why cant policy makers do it? [Have you seen his, gun totting females? Babes with guns always turned me on. Damn it, Lara Croft]

The only coup, forward looking thinking which UPA did, is push forward the N-Deal. Else it has cut slack in everything, in every domain. It has let Anbumani Ramadoss run his fiefdom with AIIMS, let Arjun Singh become a Helicopter Ben equivalent for Indian Education[that guy doesnt understand a thappa of IIT doesnt do much good, a teacher to student ratio of at least 1:4.5 is required], let Natwar Singh make a gaffe out of his short stay in foreign office. In short everything.

In monetory policy, only good thing to come about was some transparency and pro-capital market reforms.But other than that, UPa government was by and large prisoner of its own thinking. Sort of the mentality which prevents me to discard my floaters which is giving me a raw shoebite.

Now, that you are thinking, suggest me a good title to this post. I am confused, what should I name it: The Chappal Chronicles, how about it?

By the way, the answer to the quick quiz, is Manmohan Singh’s speech to the press after the N-Deal was passed in the Parliament.

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