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Its Karma, Baby!

September 9, 2008

Karma is like boomerang.
Its also like a double edged knife, extremely potent and powerful. In a good man’s hand its symphony, otherwise its a pain.
Its also entertaining to watch it rebound.

Left Government, for once atleast, has got back what it deserves. What kept accumulating, compounding rather to say, for the past three decades. Got back in cash and kind. Got back from its own allies in ways, few would have imagined.

    Be Kind, Rewind:

Remember the days of gheraos and bandhs? Remember the days when mills were shut down and unions thought its their birth right to protest[err… for nothing]
Remember when Leftists kept on shutting one industry after another in the state and continued to cripple the economy?
Its almost like the Guy Fawkes poem, so stark and dark in its rendering,
Remember, Remember
The Fifth of November?

Reds came into power in West Bengal in 1977, was India’s first aam aadmi ka party… and built over the policy of ghearoing, disruption,union troubles, lockouts,bandhs….painful legacy, isnt it?

    Cut! To Present

Now the karma has boomeranged. Or rather snowballed! It has come back lock,stock and barrel to Left. Singur is perhaps Left’s grave. A place where sentiments of common Bengalis against their own politics changed. Neither Left nor its rights can stem it anymore.

And yes, don’t you even mistake, Mamata di’s this very karma will boomerang back too… The question is not how, the question is when.

But in the game of cosmic comedy , ricocheting karma and balancing power equations, what comes through is Opportunity Cost.The cost you pay of not following an opportunity. Period.

And the people with direct loss is the common man of West Bengal. But then, aren’t they accomplices in this crime too? Aren’t they party to this mess too?
After all, society gets what it deserves. And if, Bengalis allowed themselves to make a union with the devils in the foggy illusion of lust and flirtation, then you really can’t come and break the union off, just like that!

Bengalis allowed themselves, that luxury. Singur can turn out to be that last complaint of a haggling wife to her husband which often gets sorted out in courts!

Maybe, Maybe not!
Maybe, Bengalis are still inert enough and lost enough [in their own drunken hallucination with the red wine] that they continue to live with it.
Or maybe, you go to the election next time and make it sure, you oust them. You can’t , then give them a fractured verdict. Ah,the Machiavellian politics of the masses.
Ahh, dreaming is sometimes a luxury which we can allow ourselves.
And given the fact its, 4.30 in the morning, please oversee this

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