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The Other India

October 11, 2008

Often in the glitzy lights of city malls, in the consumerist fervors of life, and in the mindless binge of gratification, one silent piece is forgotten. That piece is prosperity and it doesnt belong to the ‘other’ India. The other India that lives in villages of Ludhiana and in the thirsty lands of Andhra. The other India that lives in the slums of Mumbai or in the old Calcutta.The other India lives with us, everyday.

The other India is the missing part of the equation. The equation which is taking so long to be figured out. It is in all those tiny incidents which make you cringe and its in all those big events which gets you shocked. The wheel of growth stops a little outside the door of other India. The Other India, goes with less than 100 Rupees combined income per days. . The other India lives with fewer options of self growth and even lesser of emancipation. I am a firm capitalist,mind you, but not a mindless one. The latter which is the favourite flaying horse of those who have worked hard to keep the status quo of middle class and lower class intact.

I don’t know, how can we scale this growth and progress to the “other” India. The growth is seemingly slow and only one phenomenon has till now proven itself to penetrate the “other” India. The telecom revolution. Or rather the second part of it. The mobile one.

This inability of “growth not being able to penetrate” the ‘other’ India, is not a fault of ‘other’ India. It lies with this part of India, where consumers is equated to glitzy malls and designer clothes. Why not, local kirane ki dukan?

I wont pick apart the efforts, for they are better than me sitting in front of my laptop. But what I would like to see more is a common empathy of upliftment and empowerment[the latter will lead to former] from each affluent spoke of the society.

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  1. Paulraj Madasamy permalink
    October 11, 2008 6:51 pm

    niice 😀

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