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One way to identify good traders…and some more

October 19, 2008

This is a follow up from the previous post “Six Ways to identify Novices” , when I made a personal note to write some markers to identify good traders.The question is not how to identify novices, the question is how to not be like them. I might name this post like that, but many of us, make these mistakes again and again. So let us this time look for things which we should incorporate in ourselves.

1. Good traders make themselves the subject of study [Line 19,2nd Para]

-Brett Steenbarger

2. Good Traders live a wholesome, happy life

-Dr. Alex Elder

3. One who understands self and the opponent will win all the battles, those who understand the enemy but not self, will have a loss for every win, those who neither understand any, will always lose.

-Sun Tzu[Art of War]

Good traders know themselves, know their emotions, know when it can go out of control and know how to keep in check

4. Good traders are aggressive.

-A mistress called observation

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