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Developments: Moschip Semiconductor

November 22, 2008

Old News: But thought of aggregating the same over here for common benefit.

Follow my original writeup on MosChip semiconductors in April 2008 over here.

Fundamental: I went through its quarterly balance sheet, and no doubt why the stock has been hammerred down like this. Company is putting up losses and it seems to be increasing with each quarter. This can be only reversed if the second news about the company becomes a serious contender.

On 22nd September, MosChip has taken the competition more and more towards the embedded consumer electronics domain which has a potential of very high as well as very low margins. Understandably MosChip has decided to target the first domain. It has released a System on Chip(SoC) for Digital Content Management[DCM] in AV electronic goods. Using its existing IP and expertise on 1394/Firewire and USB system, it has leveraged the value offerring of this chip.

It is the only DCM product in market with 1394/USB interface and supporting multiple storage contact interfaces . Given the use of DCM technology in almost all high end AV products, it can be a must have addition to any BOM[bill of materials] of any AV engineer. There is a plus point in it: Low power and real PCB footprint.

[I am eagerly waiting for chips based on wireless interfaces which can significantly increase the value offerring]

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