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Bovine Stupidity

November 27, 2008

Normally this is not something which people over here will see coming from me. I am normally a guy who maintains[or tries to] his perspectives in situations, adverse or otherwise. But when you wake up a morning, expecting to rise and shine and all you hear is the most negative of the news of terrorists holding Mumbai to its ransom, is something which is singularly disgusting,provoking,shameful,irritating,anger-filling,filth spewing fit of self expression.

Is this, what I expect to wake up to? Is this what millions of people around the state want to wake up to? State, here for your kind information, does not mean Maharashtra State. Please get your lexicon dusted off. I am calling State India. The singularly daring and impunity with which they are striking is simply an insult to my ego. My ego as a person who believes he can do anything. My ego as a nationalist who believes we are powerful enough to take the battle to their yards.My ego as a patriot who believes State India can and will give a befitting reply to those merchants of death. Yes! My ego is bruised and its bleeding.

Why? Is it because, we never thought, expected, believed it, that we are in a war? No, a thousand times now. For everytime, every single time, blasts occur the same, I repeat, the same age old mechanism slightly turns,riding slowly itself of the rust, which lack of political will, has beset at the first place. Do you think, nobody saw it coming? I refuse to believe so. Do you think, warning bells didnt go off in Delhi. I bet, it did.

What did the UPA government do, when thinktanks and security analysts, were crying themselves hoarse about a Pan-India central intelligence,anti terrorist umbrella organisation. But, no, it requires guts, political will, the precense of mind to understand that a festering wound  needs strong will to cure it, however painful the treatment might be. But after each blasts, what happens is a political blame-game and once again, self praising when a minion is caught. Never mind, how much we know about his mentor, never mind how much we are able to stop the attack at its heels the next time, never mind, the people who sacrificed their lives for such operations.

But again, the news from state police, doesnt go to ATS; the news from ATS doesnt land on IB’s desk, and again the news from Army intelligence doesnt land on state police’s headquarters. After all, it requires a constant vigilance. And sahib, time kisko hai?

Let me throw all those optimists out there a challenge, an open challenge. Do you in your sane mind, make up any, any, difference between a goddmanned banana state, India and Sudan or any such African state where violence is a common phenomenon?

For god’s sake we are in a war. Casualties are piling up day by day. Please for god’s sake, dont congratulate yourself on catching hold of those goddamned PoWs. But no, then again, we are too busy to fight this war. Why?
Because our government doesnt think so.

Our government doesnt believe we are in a war.

Because it loves denying the facts. The goddamned bitter facts. The fact, that the terrorist iceberg moved from UP to Jaipur, to Guwahati, to Bombay, to Ahmedabad, to Bombay again and then god knows where. All in the last one year.  But again in midst of political rallies, vote garnering, vote bank maintenance, sahib time kise hai?

I take back my previous statement. The statement that blamed the UPA government. No, sorry UPA, I am sorry, you are not to be blamed. You didnt do anything wrong. In fact you did everything right. After all, it never had a strong political will at the first place.So who are we to blame her? In fact she did a textbook finish, a 4 year rule of sheer political buck pushing. So we cant blame her? If at all we have to blame, then the magnamity of the decision, our decision four years back, to elect UPA is to be blamed. Blamed fair and square. After all, isn’t it a truth that society gets the government it deserves? We deserved such a stupid, lethargic government and hence, underline my hence, for god’s sake underline my hence, we GOT such a government.

They are not to be blamed, we are to be blamed.

We, the intelligentsia, the thinking class, the middle class are to be blamed for not making strong decisions, not taking strong steps.

And what are steps are those, you talk about Soham?

Its simple but  its effective. That of ballot. Make your representative represent YOU. Make your representative be accountable. How many of us, how many of us, including me, ask for RTI? Heck! hace we heard of RTI even? Everything starts from ground zero. You make the party you elect accountable, and you watch what happens. Such accountablility only, and only imporves situation. You think, the solution is too unweildly.

Yes, after all I dont blame you. For we are the product of the 21st century consumerist India, who wants to solve problems and have solutions at the flick of a button, remotely and securely. You have got to wet your feet, gentlemen, toil, and sweat. Cosmetic changes wil not do any good. A revolution is necessary, and that revolution will come only if we, we as intelligensia of the nations, take steps to make our representative and the party accountable.

I see a blast, and I shake my heads, for we are yet to start questioning status quo. Tomorrow there will be another blast, I dont know where, who will do it, I dont know, how will he do I dont know. But when it will happen, [becuase I know it will, until unless we as a society sit up, take notice and start asking questions to our government] I will shake my heads again.

Bhai saahab, public mein gussa bahut hai. Par hum us gusse ka kuch nahin karte. Biwi pe jhar dete hain kabhie , nahin to kabhie baal-bachhon pe. Hum khud ki zimmedari lena hi bhul gaye hain. Hum sochte hain ki sarkar hamari mushkile hal karengi. Par tajjub ki baat yeh hai, ki hal to bus hamein hi karna hai. Zimmedar Sarkar bus ek pehlu hai, is hal ka.

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  1. November 28, 2008 11:26 pm

    People compare the attack on Mumbai as India’s 9/11…but does the usel**s government under the FINancial GENius has got the guts to respond like how USA responded to 9/11??

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