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Love,Trading and Life

December 22, 2008

Most people live uneventful lives. Lives full of boredom, drudgery, waste, decay and inanity. People wake up Monday morning, dress themselves up, board the same bus or drive the same car to work. You want to keep the ‘zing!’ in your life and hence they observe and look for something new.Yet, invariably how many times will you look over the entire inner facade of the bus without getting bored. You reach office. You sit at the same place, look over the same view of endless sea of cubicles, same old harried Monday-blued faces and you sit for what seems to be a long day. After all, its a Monday.

Same bosses and same colleagues. You return home, and switch on TV for something which will capture imagination. But the same mindless commercials repeat them ad nauseum. You go to bed. And when your other half convinces you or you happen to remember in a flash of inspiration, you try fornicating. Nothing much. Almost like a ritual.

Same goes Tuesday and Wednesday and… till the weekend comes. Its a change but only in a marginal way, you dont work today. But everything else is same replaced with analogous symbolisms.

And then like a breeze of air, that new recruit in office eyes you mischieviously for an instant longer than what would have considered curiosity. Your heart jumps, you concoct thoughts and your emotions jump in one endless wave of troughs and peaks. You feel the quickening of pulse when that recruit looks at you, and the next moment you feel disappointed when she turns away. You feel emotions, you are no more numb, thank god! You feel alive.

A breezy affair follows and then it ends. Back to Block 1, Flat 1.

This state of life is not only true for adults but also for children, teens, the just-now-graduate to perhaps everything. A much underhyped charm in love comes when you feel ‘different’. You get to wait for something. You feel the quickening and waning of pulses and with that your emotions. Something to spice your life up.

How true! We all live a live of mundane situations.

People trade, albeit for different reasons. But part of the reason is to feel a similar emotional rush and of course escape the drudgery of their lives.

Or those who don’t trade, invent philosophies like “You dont deserve what you didnt work for”. Excuse me? Did you tell the same thing for a coder? Or do you mean work as a function of physical strain?

Its sad, that people see work as something unenjoyable and a ritual to go through. Thats because they reflect on this world through their lenses of their experience. For them, they cant live to see a guy jumping and prancing around to work. Thats a blasphemy for them. Trading is something far more difficult, extremely complicated and is a final expression of human intelligence. Downgrading it to anything less than a celebration will be a sin in itself. And yet, when traders suffer from the religious brainwashing they get, telling them you dont deserve the reward of making the right decision at the right time with the right instrument, they better be strong enough to shake it out.

Traders suffer from great many psychological blocks which keeps them from being successful. Self-destruction arising from lack of self-worth might be an important reason for many trader’s unprofitability. For those who do think its true for them, might do themselves a favour by reading Dr. Brett Steenbarger’s comment on Financial Markets. Its quoted as it is in my About page.

As for me, I believe I dont come from such a psychological mindset, which values mental complexityand mental expertise any less. Which makes my search for a better thinking methodology a bit longer.

I was thinking over the comment of TJ on my last post Trading Pointers. In many ways, I do understand  what he tried to convey. Those who trade seriously dont trade because it gives them money. In fact, they love trading because financial markets in some way celebrates in some way their abilities of better abstract thinking.

Let this tribe flourish. It might be the only place where they celebrate and reward mental dexterity not by the lines of code they produced or something equally pointless.

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  1. Paulraj Madasamy permalink
    December 23, 2008 1:59 pm

    *claps and acknowledges the core truth behind the above lines of text he has just read*

  2. December 23, 2008 2:59 pm

    *bows down and humbly accepts the audience recognition…

    Hey, Paul where are you these days?

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