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Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2008

Jump Up! and Soham extend a warm seasonal greetings to all the Jump Up! readers.

We have already stepped onto the end of this year, holiday seasons.Personally I am extremely pleased and feeling joyous. [I dont know, the December air out here in Assam, India, holds quite a charm for me].And yes, I do wish you the same. May you have a lovely holiday and spend quality time with your family.

And I am sure, you dont want me to start again, on my oft-repeated lines of ‘Financial-Markets-Derivative-etc-etc-etc’, yet I will conclude with these last lines:

The sophisticated observers should now slowly, start believing the end of all the current pains[financial or otherwise] . Its already,almost the end of the worst time in the last few years. We have successfully, crossed 2008. I really dont think, the pain will last any longer even in US markets. Of course, dont expect fireworks in US financial markets right away, but my feel is we should start preparing ourselves.

Please take care of yourself and this winter enjoy yourself in all the goodness of Christmas.

Jump Up!

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