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Indian Banks extremely attractive,Yes achieves target

January 5, 2009

Indian Banks, as days pass by, are appearing extremely attractive. Nice technicals and a resilient India apart, a lot many banks have already started showing its sparkle among the doom and gloom in the markets. Lest, our individual investor gauge the movement of index like Sensex and Nifty as a marker of bullishness, I would like to sound a warning beagle that I am afraid it is not.

TAKE  the example of Yes Bank. It has surged from 50’s level to 70’s only to stall a bit and then launching to late 80’s levels. I am still bullish on this counter. My advisory has taken approx 20% gains on this ticker[18p.c to be precise].

Hence, there are a couple of stocks which has given absolutely fantastic returns even in this volatile market. A particular stock, no, its not a blue chip or those movers and shakers of the markets. A small stock but has been hitting upper levels for quite some time. In fact, while I was running a few scans through my charting software, it showed a staggerring return of 50%. Yup. You read it right. 50p.c that is.

Hence if you would have invested 10K three weeks back, you would have approximately taken home close 16K[50pc +].

Hence, I would once again, as JU readers to keep hunting for good technical solid buys, for they are the one out there performing.

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