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Some interesting news

March 4, 2009

It took, not many but a few extremely interesting news to shake me out of my blogging stupor/vacation/exile to talk and post about them.

First some non business news:

In a daring execution,  befitting an agency of a billion strong country, a stealth mission brought home the Bangalore terror financier, Sarfaraz Nawaz, sneaking him out of Oman. The news flash is here

Its heartening to know such things happening, but again, its disappointing that this piece of news is leaked to the media. A country’s infilitration and counter infiltration agency can’t work, if the government likes to score on its success and garner some brownie points every now and then whenever the election comes. We might be interested in getting some limelight and focus of national attention but its detrimental to our political and securtity sophistication.

Another interesting piece of news, is the rising clout of Indian Space Research Agency[ISRO] and its pursual of business opportunities irrespective of the color of the government in the power. It meant business for quite some time [in strong contrast with its cousin in defence] and has forayed into the controversial but verily interesting domain of mapping. Full post here

But one thing put me to question its vision though, when being quizzed about its ‘free-ness’ and uploading of user generated content, its spokesman burked out “We are not competing with Google”. Well sooner or later you have to and you should.

Another extremely interesting news flow is from markets and its the S&P’s crash below 700[the lowest since October 1996] declining into an overcorrection of the bubble of 2003. Now how old is this bubble will only decide which levels will prove vulnerable. Dow is touching 6800 for that matter. Nice. The news flash is here

So there goes three piece of (interesting) news ranging from security, business and markets which brought me out of my exile.

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  1. March 6, 2009 3:54 pm

    hmm.. me and lot of analysts are searching for the “bottom” of the markets.. a comeback in the near future looks unlikely with consumer & investor confidence at a abysmal low.. *fingers crossed*

  2. March 6, 2009 5:05 pm

    Ohh how I love this, 🙂 on one side, we bears are selling and selling short and you are waiting on this side. 😀

    I like it…do let me know when you think its bottom 😀 I will double my shorts 😀

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