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The Tao of (trading) success-Part 2

April 8, 2009

(…contd from Part1)

TAO of (trading) success

I believe, anybody can be successful if he indulges himself not in a mindless practice but a practice in which he is immersed. What is immersion?
Immersion, I define as a state where, a person is engaged fully,wholly and completely in all dimensions in the pursuit of that art. That Carnatic Musician, I don’t think would have been worthy had he just mechanically practiced Raaga Baageshri 195623rd times. No, never never could he ever achieve what he achieved just by repeating it a n number of times. What he instead did was he totally immersed in the pursuit of his perfection of Raaga Baageshri. He engaged his entire faculty in breaking the Matrix of Raaga Baageshri. Similarly the fellow from Hissar who used to light up whenever he saw the toughest of problems, he immersed himself in it. And the guy who managed to achieve a daunting challenge which a handful of guys could only attempt.

Crystallisation of Ideas

I sincerely believe, that the greatest of problems are solved in the gray matter you have been blessed with. But this level doesn’t arise almost magically. Its found, nurtured and developed with an equal sweat,agony and effort. But if the focus is on sweat or agony while practising, you will never be able to immerse yourself. Immersion is when all the hard work just ceases to be and what remains is the subject and his pursuit.

In US, the best of military training are the SEALs and their elites are the Delta Force. But it would be stunning to note, that Delta Force has one of the highest attrition rates in any industry, across the borders,institutions and ages. A shocking 63%!

They are trained, trained, trained and then some more till they break. Often their mock drills consist of less than 2 hours of sleep, one time meal for weeks, sometimes months at end. Adapting, maneovring extreme physical and mental barriers, alumnis say, by the end of  such a mock drill, the soldiers, the elites, complete the tasks in a half-dazed,half asleep manner. But at the end, they are the ones we talk about.[An equal  performance is put by India’s Black Rhinos, trained in Haryana]

The Real Struggle

Yet, immersing ourselves in that very pursuit is what we struggle in. We must realize that each one of us is different and each one is unique in terms of what we love. Even in a singularly monolithic world of financial trading, there are so many variants, so many flavours, so many preferences, that it is often the case of a “caught in a wrong job” type of a situation. Personally my preference for a pursuit are these and you can understand how it matches with trading. Yours truly

  • Likes active research
  • Hates formalities,red tapism, bureaucracy
  • Is a huge hands on guy[he wants to see it,experience it, change it, check it]
  • Loves challenges
  • Loves scalability of his business pursuit
  • Has common interests across multiple advanced scientific domains(which reflect itself in the practical world of trading)

Having said all this, is it a wonder I chose trading once I quit my job from a plush product development startup. This doesn’t mean necessarily, that success will come to me just by lazing around. But it just implies that I have a higher chance of immersing myself. (I think, it should be realized that immersion is what is challenging, because you have to really like and love what you are doing)

So my advice is find

1. Choose what you love doing

2. Immerse yourself in that

3. While you pursue for perfection,you will inherently crystallise your experiences in “aaha” moments. Those “aaha moments will further lead you into what you love doing[closing the loop which started in #1]

As a result when people observe you from outside, they will realize that suddenly the gap between you and them has widened beyond imagination, making you successful[note this word never appeared in the 1-2-3 sequence]

With these words, let me return to what I do the best.

Till then,

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