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What next,baby?

April 8, 2009

Will Price breach the 200DMA ?

Its a crucial juncture, we are at. And the coming week will set the way we move in. If indeed we do move higher and stay above 200 day moving average(the red line) and keep attracting higher volumes at the rate I have just highlighted, then I will certainly be optimistic. We will have a pretty, and I do mean extremely viable chance of coming out of this bear market.For the uninitiated, prices moving above the 200 day moving average is a very good sign, particularly because it will validate my ego of the forecast I made 4 months back 🙂 .

With todays massively huge move, even after bears rampaged in the morning[today NIFTY opened 3 pc down and closed 3pc up 🙂 ], it just shows bears are finding it difficult to hold onto their forte.

You might like to link, the current situation with this:

Why do people always want to connect everything? Can’t they be satisfied with having an eyeful of Salma Hayek 😀 #humor 😉

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