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VIX Rising but no spikes, yet!

April 17, 2009


Some pointers and observations:

  • VIX is rising but no sharp spikes. Intelligent participants are increasingly turning bearish, but the mass is yet to realize it.
  • The VIX calculation by NIFTY incorporates at the money options for two months rolling period. Hence it has my confidence as a pretty scientific measure of market volatility.
  • The red line is the 20 DAY EMA, notice how VIX forms a cluster around it, except at times of great panic and fear when we observe a breach of two successive resistance levels.
  • Is mean reverting about 20DAY EMA
  • Spikes as contrarian setup
  • If it breaches 51.1 levels on Monday, then we can see VIX spiking upto 70 odd levels. Or perhaps a retest of November highs too. But depends on the severity and the power of the next leg.

As readers will understand from my previous posts, as each day pass by the price action is showing me a constant rejection of 200DMA.

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