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The New Avatar

April 18, 2009

Astute readers might have noticed that Jump Up! has got a new blog icon.

The picture is that of the iconic sculpture by Leon Suys, in front of The Brussels Stock Exchange.

The main facade in front of the Brussels Stock Exchange has two enormous Lion Riders. One of them Looking Up, and the other with a slight bent back, giving an impression of Looking Down. The sculptures in all its glory,watch over the huge staircase of one of the oldest stock exchanges in the world. The one looking up, symbolizes the “Rise” and the other symbolizes the “Fall”.

The Rising Lion

There is an old Mohawk Proverb, its hard to see into far with tears in your eyes. Current world economic system is in a firm bear grip.Job Losses, Rising Debt and Gloomy future are the call of the moment.

But this too shall pass.

And to keep reminding you of this eternal truth, this blog Jump Up! has made “The Rising Lion” as the new blog avatar. So that amidst all this madness, you realize that “this too shall pass away”

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