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Requote: The China Saga

July 7, 2009

Some time back, I talked about the geo-politcal-economic situation of the world at large, as we transitioned from 2008 to 2009. Stock Market rallies not withstanding, the situation is indeed worsening.

Of note, is the heading called The China Saga. I talked about how it is very much possible of political situation worsening inside the Chinese heartland.

Yesterday, afternoon, around 100 Uighur women with young babies spontaneously clashed with police in the heart of Urumqi. They were earlier arrested due to the deadly Xinjiang riots, where the Uighur folks clashed with the majority Han Community, in a toy factory.

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The full report can be found here, here and here

It might be interesting to note, who exactly are Uyghurs? Wikipedia describes them as:

“Historically the term “Uyghur” was applied to a group of Turkic-speaking tribes that lived in the Altay Mountains. Along with the Göktürks (Kokturks), the Uyghurs were one of the largest and most enduring Turkic peoples living in Central Asia.”

If you would like to follow up on the rest of the article, about how did the other macro views fit into the present global situation, this is a good place to start
Updates and Analyses to follow
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