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And now for something, completely different!

October 3, 2009

Readers of this blog, might in subconscious ways stereotype this place as a “trading” blog or a financial market blog. But the fact of the matter is that it remains in its roots connected with strategizing.  Of course, heavily involving what I do, how I do, and how good I do what I do, but a bit of variety is good for you as well.

Now cutting the chase, let me come square at the point. I have been hearing a lot of talk on why, the government cannot and should not let education be turned into a “profit” game and too much of deregulation will effectively destroy the fine tree called learning. But this type of thinking is wonderfully naive and devoid of any practical consideration.

For decades, India have talked how profits in industries is okay, but in education a taboo. Well, socialism’s cobwebs is indeed addictive yet, strangely unfruitful. We have created just failures over the ages in educational system while living in denial. Think of it, we have got only 2 universities  in the list of world class insitutions, while China has 30. And US has 159.

There is remarkable lacuna and hesitation when it comes to reforming education. But socialism’s children don’t understand that public sector might look altruistic on paper but is parasitic when it comes to real life. Zero accountability, thicket of red tape, inertia and everything else stands for a failed policy making.

For some more sophisticated thinking, have a look at this: here. Andre Beteille has talked well, about why are our hesitations regarding education reforms are unfounded. And for a better comparison and problems afflicting our education system,here is a dated article from WSJ.

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