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Both Sides of the Coin

December 30, 2009

It is quite easy to procrastinate.
Even easier to do it, and not feel guilty about it.

But there are times, when I had been very busy with commitments on my business side. Many years ago, I heard somebody say, doing what you like, and making money out of what you like are the same, yet different. They show you different things, make use of your different talents, yet serve the same purpose. To make you happy.

Quite a similar story with me. In the last three months, I was involved in hectic parleys, negotiations and meetings,discussions. In the process, I met with failures, disappointments, setbacks, occassional successes, as well as surprises. One friend of mine, once said, like all good things, entrepreneurship is fraught with risks. And the journey becomes smooth, when you have a partner.
I didnt.
Though I doggedly I put up a fight, yet I found myself often thinking about it.
For those who are out of the loop, and had not been following my twitter feed, I am trying to build an algorithmic prop trading business out of Mumbai. So quite naturally right from writing promotional material to building relationship contacts, I was sort of on the wire 24X7.
Did I sleep well? Oh yes, I do sleep well most of the times.
But did I stay busy. I had 4-5 full time jobs all the time.

So in the process, something which I started in opening weeks of October got delayed. Namely, the quant series I started.
Some other things as well: Namely my much touted aim of closing 100% on long side by the end of this calender year. (that would make it 100% in 10 months)

Personally I was not satisfied as well, with the quality of work put across, in those two posts, so in a way, its better to stop doing a shoddy work.
But now, my readers can hope of a much better frequency, content, not to mention the various requests that have been put forward.

Good Luck.

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