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This is it!

February 23, 2010

I had been a long proponent,almost since December first week, that Indian markets will see a huge expansion in volatility. An almost unprecedented expansion.An upward surge before falling down. So then came the push from 4900 to 5300 and then the Greece.

Moving ahead, I held a very serious view that volatility is going to fly off from Indian Equity Markets for the next one or two quarters. I believed so much in this, that I have squared off all my positions and opened a commodity account. Readers and observers those who keep on reading my tweets, will realise such apprehensions being raised in my conversations and in general.

Today,is an interesting day. For the last few days, the number of stocks being thrown by the system for long/short had been consistently falling. Mind you, the number of long side picks may unilaterally fall, short side picks may monotonically fall, but both falling is rather strange and rare.

Yesterday there were only 2 long/short pairs thrown open. Today there are none. NONE! Absolutely zilch, nada, nil. To drive home the relevance, let me tell you, that in the previous one year, there was no day when no trades were thrown on an eod basis.

So this is it! Beginning of the middle game.

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